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June 5, 2013
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A kami is a powerful being, fearless and refine. The elegant creature is coupled by a shinshi, a sacred guardian for the kami. Usually a shinshi is a loyal dog, but some kami's take in sacred shinshi, like the shirohebi, or white snake. All kami keep their head high, all except for the Earth human kami.

(Y/n) sat in the office with closed eyes, trying to block out her thoughts. It was her first time being sent to the office by a teacher and she didn't know how to handle it. She opened her eyes when the principal walked in with a frown on his face.

"(L/n)-san, I never thought I'd see you in here," he gestured around his office as he sat down. "I am honestly very disappointed in you right now."

Tears picked at the corner of her eyes, she felt horrible about getting in trouble, even though it was just a misunderstanding. As she about to open her mouth the door was opened by none other than her shinshi, Tomoe. His gorgeous face was set into a frown, his eyes narrowed at the principal, his tail in ears were not in sight, much to her relief. (Y/n) began to wonder why Tomoe was angry, until she remembered that she was about to cry.

A shinshi never allows their master to be hurt, emotionally or physically. They will protect their master and obey their command without question. That is the power of the
kotodama binding spell

"Excuse me, as it was rude to interrupt, but I cannot allow you to harm my master (Y/n) any further than you have already. I will see to it she gets properly punished, do not worry." The glint in Tomoe's eyes made (Y/n) swallow thickly, suddenly worried for her life.

The principal got between Tomoe and her, as if he could do anything if Tomoe attacked. Tomoe's jaw set and his hands balled into fists but he made no move to fight. He never truly hurt anyone when in her presence.

A shinshi will never cause bloodshed around his kami, but will protect them by any means possible unless told otherwise.

"Tomoe," her voice caused both men to look at her "go home and wait for me. I'm not in any danger." He looked as though he wanted to protest, but the contract that made him follow her every order forced him to leave. (Y/n) sat down and looked up at the principal. "Shall we continue?"

A shinshi waits dutifully and faithfully for his kami - never once moving.

As she walked back to Mikage Shrine she noticed a figure standing at the top of the steps. Tomoe looked agitated as he looked around, until his green eyes landed on the kami. He seemed to let out a breath and jump down, not even bothering to walk down the steps.

"(Y/n), you idiot, did he hurt you?" Tomoe looked over (Y/n) checking for any wounds. She laughed a bit, causing you shinshi to halt his movements.

"I'm perfectly fine, Tomoe. You don't need to worry about me so much!" She was smiling and Tomoe looked as though he were in awe.

A shinshi will never lie to his kami and will tell the truth with no lies

"You can protect yourself? You, who is useless with house work, can't even harness her powers as a  kami, who can't even turn water into sake, can take care of herself? I don't believe it, no, really, I don't. You're just as useless in a fight as you are as a kami." By this point her smile was gone, replaced with a face of irratation.

" idiot fox!" With a swift kick (Y/n) sent her loyal shinshi sailing  up back towards the shrine. (Y/n)'s other shinshi, Mizuki, appeared by her side out of thin air, his snake-like eyes watching Tomoe fly to the ground.

"Tomoe really is stupid, I don't know why you keep him as your shinshi. You know I could protect you fine on my own, I am a sacred shinshi after all." He looked at her through the corner of his eye, wondering if she'd actually listen to him for once.

"No, I like having you both under my command. It makes me feel safer..." (Y/n) trailed off when she noticed Mizuki was trembling and blushing.

"Yes, (Y/n)-kamisama! Bind us with your invisible chains! Order me around, please (Y/n)-kamisama!" Said kamisama shuddered and began to swiftly walk away from her crazed shinshi to her more sane one.

"Eh, (Y/n)-sama? Are you going back up to the shrine already? I'll come with you!" Mizuki went to your side, smiling as you both walked up the stairs.

A shinshi will show affection to their kami, the amount varying on the bond they hold.

(Y/n) laid comfortable on her futon, heavy breathing showing she was sleeping deeply. It was late into the night when Tomoe decided to move from his spot and go closer to his kami. He crawled up the side of her futon until he was nose to nose with her. He looked over her delicate face with keen interest, never having being this close to her aside from when she forced him into the shinshi contract.

"You fool" Tomoe spoke affectionately, stroking her face before pressing a kiss to her lips. He remained like that until Mizuki opened the door and looked down at Tomoe. His eyes glared down at him, just as Tomoe did to him.

"Kissing my kami is not acceptable, you stray fox." Tomoe chuckled in reply, sitting up and giving Mizuki a cruel smile in answer.

"And yet that is exactly what you'd done to become her shinshi, wasn't it? You made yourself her shinshi even though she had no interest in having you." Mizuki's eye twitched and in a flash Tomoe was being held off the ground by his throat.

"Don't ever act like you're higher than me, I'm a sacred shinshi and you're a wild animal. We never have or ever will be on the same level." Tomoe smirked but in dropped as he was dropped. He watched as Mizuki knelt next to (Y/n) and clenched his fists when Mizuki kissed her sleeping body.

"You bastard!" Tomoe lunged at Mizuki, knocking him off of (Y/n) and onto the floor.

A kami's rest is something a shinshi upholds, never disturbs it.

(Y/n) sat up, only to quickly lay back down when a blue flame flew over her face.

'Tomoe's kitsunebi?' she wondered as she sat back up. She saw both her shinshi on the floor caught in a vicious battle. (Y/n) was tired, cranky, and really wanted to sleep.

"Stop it right now, both of you!" The kitodama forced them to halt, they were unable to move. "You woke me up while I was trying to sleep, now you'll face the consequences."

Both shinshi shuddered but said nothing, waiting for their master's punishment. "Tomoe, kiss Mizuki's cheek, now." Tomoe tried to resist but her power forced him to do as he was told. A kiss was gently pressed to Mizuki's cheek, then the kami turned to Mizuki. "Now you do the same to him."

Mizuki didn't complain and complied right away, making a 'mwa' sound when he kissed Tomoe's cheek. (Y/n) nodded then smiled at them. "Now lastly, you both must share a bed in another room away from me. Goodnight."

A shinshi follows orders to a T, without contemplating their own opinion.

"...So you know already that this your fault, listen to me while I'm talking to you. Like I was saying..." Tomoe tuned out Mizuki, looking up at the ceiling. He closed his eyes, letting your face drift into his thoughts. The serine image was ruined by Mizuki, as expected.

"I think the only reason she had us do it is because she finds the thought of us together attractive."

Tomoe punched Mizuki on the head, rendering him unconscious. He took in a deep breath, trying to rid himself of the image of him kissing the snake with you watching them.

A kami is a powerful being, fearless and refine. The elegant creature is coupled by a shinshi, a sacred guardian for the kami. Usually a shinshi is a loyal dog, but some kami's take in sacred shinshi, like the shirohebi, or white snake. Unless you're the human kami (Y/n) with two shinshi, kitsune and a shirohebi.

A shinshi lives only for his kami, without them, they'd be nothing.
This is what I wrote when I was stuck in the office during second period.

Kamisama Hajimemashita needs more love.

That is all.
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