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September 16, 2012
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"Are you okay?" he asked, his voice soft and barely there.

If you hadn't seen his lips move, you might've thought it was a trick of the wind. "Um, yeah. Say, where are we?"

His eyebrows furrowed at the question. "Ordon."

"…which is in?" you twirled your hand at the wrist in a motion for him to elaborate.

"The kingdom of Hyrule."

It took you three times to process this before it hit you. The reason this place seemed familiar, and how easily you trusted this boy you hardly know. You'd seen both of them on a game the kid next-door played so often - The Legend of Zelda.

Unknowingly gaping at the teen in front of you, you fell backwards into the waist-high waters, arms limp at your sides.

"…well, shit."

"Link!" you flailed as you sprinted to the gate of the ranch.

The boy, sitting astride his horse Epona, twisted in the saddle to look at you. Coming to a stop beside him, you craned your neck to properly see his face. "Hello, (Name)," he says warmly.

"'Sup. Are you going to Kakariko?" You stroked the side of Epona's neck and she nickered softly.

"No. Rusl needs me to deliver some swords to Hyrule Castle." He seemed to sense the trepidation in your voice. "…why?"

"Well…I wanted to know if you'd let me come with you. You see, I've got some things that Sera wants me to take to Kakariko to sell." You look up at him, eyes hopeful. "Maybe, just maybe, we could stop there on the way to the castle~?"

Watching you fluttering your eyelashes sweetly at him, Link adopted an amused expression.

It had been exactly a year since you awoke in Ordon Spring, and you had fully adjusted to life in Hyrule only a few months prior. Ilia and her father had been kind enough to take you into their home, and it was a lot easier living with another girl in a ground-based home instead of roughing it in a tree house with Link. You'd gotten a job at Sera's Sundries shop in the village and often rode out with Link to Kakariko to sell goods and pick up supplies to replenish the shop's stocks.

Your constant laughter, happy demeanor, and strange quirks reminded him of a child, but your foul language and constant innuendos reminded him that you were, indeed, just an immature teenager.

And Link still put up with you, for some reason.

When you had first arrived, everyone had trouble believing your story of coming from another world. But you were so convinced that it was real, they soon started to accept that what you said was true. There was that, and the fact that you were entirely too clueless about everything in Hyrule that it only made sense.

Many a day that you'd wandered off, worrying Link enough to go searching for you. He'd find you perched upon the roof of the Sera's shop, staring silently at the waters below your dangling feet. You told him that, while you did miss the internet what few unique amenities that your world had, you liked living here more than you did in your old home.

This place was quiet, friendly, and you already felt like part of the tight-knit community that had accepted you with open arms. You were quite taken aback with how seamlessly you transitioned to the lifestyle here.

Back in the city, everything was loud, everyone was on the move, and no one had time to sit down and appreciate the little things. The sky was clouded over with pollution, greenery was scare, the only animals seen were squirrels and pigeons, or stray cats and dogs. You were an orphan, picked on in school, and usually sat in the park rather than your dump of an apartment. You didn't have any friends, only acquaintances, and you worked two part-time jobs just to keep a roof over your head.

But here, out in the clean air with the bright blue sky, expansive forests, and all the fauna you could dream of - it was like being in a fairytale. The scenery was beautiful and the wildlife eagerly approached if you had a nibble of food. The people were kind and accepting; you'd made more friends here in a week than you had in your seventeen years of living back home. And the best part? You didn't work because you had to. You worked because, well, you had to do something productive in a village that small.

You allowed yourself to be accepted into this world, and that bothered you a little that you could throw away your previous life so easily. However, you soon came to realize that the life you had been living - alone - wasn't living at all.

Link returned to the present to see you still batting your eyes, hands clasped in front of you, tiny grin on your face.

"You might want to pack some clothes," he smiled down at you. "It's a long way to Castle Town."

"Fuck yeah! I mean -" you shot a cautious look around for any children, then, in a whisper "- fuck yeah." Your face brightened when Link gave you a disapproving look. "Thank you, Link!"

With that, you stuck one foot in the stirrup nearest you, hoisted yourself up, kissed him on the cheek, and ran away, aflutter with giggles. Link reached up to the place where your lips had touched.

You continued to surprise him.

Link was out fishing on the docks near Sera's shop. For the first few minutes, he was aware of you glaring at him from the window. It was no fair that he got to be outside and you were cooped up in this dumb shop. Link was the only one that ever bought stuff anyway!

At least, that's what Link knew you'd be thinking. When the feel of your gaze finally faded, he looked up to the window, seeing that you had gone. Sera had probably started nagging you about slacking off, and you'd probably said something along the lines of kicking her cat because it didn't do anything either. That's how most of the arguments between the two of you started. (Of course, you never actually hurt the cat, no matter how much you wanted to.)

Another half hour later found Link sitting next to a small pile of fish. Link threw out his line one last time, prepared to catch one more bass then call it quits. No sooner than the bobber hit the water did it go under and Link attempted to pull the fish ashore. He wasn't expecting to feel resistance strong enough to put him off balance. It wasn't long till the fish had tugged him into the water.

He breeched the surface and looked around at the sound of your laughing. You were sitting on the dock with a chipper grin on your face accompanied by - the mask of his Zora armor? Studying you further, he found that you'd also taken the flippers from the outfit, but nothing else. The flat look he gave you had you laughing harder.

"How did you get that?" he asked as he lithely pulled himself out of the water. Link was sure that he'd locked that safely inside the trunk in his storage room.

Kicking your legs and making joyful splashes, you grinned widely. "I'm a kleptomaniac! I stole it from your house!"

He raised an eyebrow, prepared to question how you broke into his house in the first place, but you quickly jumped back in the pond. You were able to swim swiftly through the water with the aid of the flippers, and air wasn't a problem with the mask. Link merely watched as you had your fun, twirling and flipping underwater. You started to jump from the water, arch your body, and dive back in, squeaking like some mad chipmunk.

"Look!" you called for Link's attention as you resurfaced in a jump. He was forced to wait till your next jump for the rest of your statement. "I'm a dolphin!"

The blonde voiced his confusion as you disappeared under the water once more. "What's a dolphin?"

You halted in midair halfway through a jump to glare at him. "…get outta here."

Link was beginning to think you were a wizard…

…however, that was certainly far from the truth.

You were on a walk through Faron Woods with Link, enjoying the scenery and the birds twittering. Well, you were enjoying the birds twittering as you pelted them with pumpkin seeds from Link's stolen borrowed slingshot, but, hey, it's not like it was killing them. Plus, they got a free treat! While you thought your logic was infallible, your companion still shook his sandy blonde head in exasperation.

"Confundo! Confundo! This is fun. Confundo! Confun- GAH! WHY DO YOU PECK AT MY HEAD?!"

A pair of birds you'd hit began attacking your face, and you ran in circles attempting to stop them from pecking your head into Swiss cheese. Link let you suffer for a few minutes, then took hold of your shoulders, batting away the birds with his shield when they tried to assault you once again. The aviary creatures soon gave up, tittering angrily as they flew away.

Pulling your face out of Link's shirt where you'd instinctively buried it, you glare over your shoulder at your aggressors growing tinier in the sky. "Fucking birds…"

It was then that you noticed Link's arm still around your shoulders, holding you close to him. He seemed to be staring at something on your face. You decided to take advantage of his naïveté. As usual.

He jumped in surprise as you ran your index finger up his chest. "Oh, Link~ I had no idea you felt for me this way~!"

He stepped a good six feet away, holding up his hands as though he was getting arrested. You could barely contain your laughter as you ran towards him.


"(Name), don't -"

"Marry me~!"

"What? I -"


Link ended up being chased by your sporadic pelvic thrusting.

It was a chilly day. Winter was drawing nearer, and you were sitting on the fencing of the ranch. Fado was standing in the cart strapped to Epona, throwing down bags of grain to Link to take into the barn. As you watched the men work, you pondered. It wasn't just any regular pondering, either. No, it was deep pondering. You rarely pondered deeply over anything.

But you had been thinking about this particular topic for a while now, ever since you arrived in early spring two years ago. It was really hard not to like him when you met him because, well, he was just a likeable guy. Quiet, polite, adventurous, brave, and funny when he wanted to be. Him being easy on the eyes was just a bonus.

He had helped you from the beginning, always there to rescue you from your backfired antics time and time again, or to offer you his companionship whenever you were feeling particularly lonely. You knew nothing of Hyrule and he took you touring the countryside, seeing all the sights, the castle, all the beautiful nooks and crannies of the land.

You told him about your world in return. He didn't take it lightly to know that he was just a video game character in your world, someone who didn't actually exist. You were able to convince him that you couldn't be tell the future and that it was probably a coincidence that the game correctly dictated nearly everything that had happened on his journey those years ago.

The two of you were able to connect over the fact that your were both orphans, although, that was about where the similarities ended. He tended to speak little and was always calm. You were loud and rambunctious. He liked to do relaxing activities, and you liked to annoy him whenever he did. While he hid most of his emotions from years of hard battle, you proudly wore your heart on your sleeve - not to mention that it flashed rainbow colors.

As they say; opposites attract. You knew from the beginning that you liked him. You just didn't know when that like had changed.

Coming to a decision, you nodded firmly to yourself. Link was waiting while Fado fumbled with some of the heavier sacks near the very back of the cart. You nonchalantly strolled over to stand next to the boy. Shoving your hands in your pockets, you looked up at him with a tiny smile.

"Link?" He turned his eyes to show that he was listening. "I love you."

He gaped, wide-eyed, at you, just as Fado through the next sack of grain out to him, expecting him to catch it. Link did end up catching it; however, with his face instead of his hands.

You skipped away from the boy twitching on the ground and hummed a merry tune as you returned home to tell Ilia of your knew discovery.

Link was tired of being the one surprised time and time again.

First of all, most of your surprises were unpleasant, and often ended up with one of you getting injured. Secondly, it irked him that he could be so easily startled by a girl no older than he. Thirdly, he was feeling a bit mischievous when he made this list of reasons, so decided that it was time you received your comeuppance.

It was winter, finally, and Link had taken two good months to think things through. …okay, most of those months were filled with stalling due to uncertainties, but who's counting? The point is that Link thought deeply about something for a long time. And it was on a snowy day in winter, nearly two years after your initial meeting, that he planned to do something about it.

You were sitting outside of his home on an overturned bucket when he emerged from his abode. A smile adorned your features and you stood to greet him. He jumped fluidly from his porch to the ground, even in his heavy winter gear, and you announced that you were secretly jealous of his magnificent athleticism.

Ignoring you, Link grabbed your shoulders, steeled his nerves, and then said what had been on his mind since that time you nearly gave him a heart attack at the ranch.

"Me, too," was his simple words.

And there was something on your face, touching your lips with such sweetness that you weren't even sure what was happening. A haze settled over your mind and clouded all other thinking processes. Then some part of your brain slapped you, telling you that Link was kissing you and that you should respond right now, you stupid ass. Your hand barely brushed the side of his neck when he pulled away, surprising you by looking bashful.

That was three times in a row that he'd managed to baffle you. You only stared at him a couple seconds, breath spreading out like a fan of white between you. Lifting a hand, you ran your fingers across his lips, a laugh tumbling out of your own.

"Oh! You love me back!" you gave him a closed-eye smile, if only to hide the tears of joy gathering there. "I thought you were saying that you loved you, too!"

Link couldn't help but join in your contagious laughter. That is, until you abruptly stopped and tackled him to the ground.

And so, the Hero of Time and the Girl Who Randomly Appeared One Day continued to surprise each other.


and time…

A Link oneshot

Preview image by :iconthethrash87:

Link belongs to the genius who made Legend of Zelda
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LotsOfCake0310 Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
"Link ended up being chased by your sporadic pelvic thrusting." Hahahahahahaha! This is the funniest thing I have read in a Link x reader, by far. For making me laugh, I shall give you a cookie!
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Shit this was a real heartjerker. Good job friend.
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bunyumyum101 Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2014
I would actually do all of the stuff in the story.
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Finally, a awesome one-shot of Link! Loved it, your humor is great.
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I absolutely adore your writing style. :love:  I was seriously sitting in my room laughing my face off.  I also love how this is a completely realistic reaction of a Zelda fangirl who suddenly ends up in Hyrule. :happy: 
DouglastheDragon01 Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
this is goooooood!
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Why does this have to be a one-shot!!! (T_T )
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