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May 3, 2013
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Mituna sat with his hand resting over Latula's. He was grinning happily, making jokes with Latula. That is, until (Y/n)'s descendant came over and slapped him hard across the cheek.

"ASDGLKF!" Mituna fell down with limbs flailing. Latula gasped and knelt down to help him back to his feet. Her red glasses didn't cover her glare.

"What the hizzy do you think you're doin'?!" (D/n) glared dangerously at Latula, making her cringe slightly.

"That asshat left (Y/n)! He's lucky he only got slapped!" Mituna looked at her confused, head tilted to the side.

"What do you mean I left (Y/n)? I saw her today!" The young girl facepalmed at his stupidity. With a groan she looked back up at him.

"Not like that you brain dead nooksucker! She was your matesprit! Don't you remember anything?!" Mituna tensed, whipping his head over to Latula. Her head was turned away from him, a frown over her black lips. He looked back to (D/n).

"What do you mean...?" Mituna's voice was shaking. He was confused to what she was talking about but wary about the answer.

"Oh my good gog, before your accident! Look!" A book was shoved into his face, which he took with trembling hands. He opened the book and on the glossy pages were pictures of him and (Y/n). In one he was holding her on a skateboard. She was gripping onto his yellow shirt, eyes wide. He had bi-colored shades on, eyes closed while laughing. Under the picture it said in quotations "Don't worry, I won't let you fall babe!"

He looked at another one, in this one (Y/n) was holding red-blue headphones and Mituna was holding white ones. His he was winking at her, his blue eye closed. He felt a scene play out in his mind, it felt so familiar. "I can't let my babe go with broken headphones! Take mine, doll! Don't loose 'em!"

He shook his head, clearing the memory and turned to the other page. This one had them, Kurloz and Kankri. Mituna had Kankri by the shirt, ready to punch him in the face. Kurloz was talking to Mituna with a concerned expression. No stitches, Mituna noticed. (Y/n) was sitting on a recliner in the background eating popcorn. He chuckled a little, then his mind animated the scene- gaining him another memory.

"Do you know how triggering your cocky behavior can be, Mituna? I honestly don't know why someone like (Y/n) would ever be matesprits with a man like you" Kankri ranted about Mituna, finally stepping on his last nerve.

"Shut up dammit!" His hand wrapped around the collar of his red sweater. He pulled Kankri out of his seated position and brought them face to face. "I'm gonna lose it if you keep talking!"

"You know, getting into someone's face for merely stating a question could trigger them. Have you perhaps forgot to check your privilege?" Mituna's left hand coiled into a fist, pulled back and ready to snap forward and clip him in the jaw. Kurloz's hand held it back though.

"Bro, this ain't cool man. Just let the motherfucker go," Kurloz held his arm back, even as Mituna tried to jerk it forward.

"Gog dammit, let me punch him! No one talks about me and my (Y/n) like that!"

Mituna stopped when he heard loud laughter coming from the other end of the room. He turned over and looked, his red-blue eyes softening.

"Oh 'Tuna," (Y/n) forced between laughs. "You're a riot!"

Mituna let go of Kankri, anger forgotten.

"Red for you too, babe!"

Yellow tears hit the glossy pages. Mituna sobbed quietly with little sniffles coming from him. Latula put her hand on his shoulder, her head bowed sadly. (D/n) took the book from him, wiping the tears off before closing it. She tucked it under her arm, tilted her chin up then starting to walk away.


A voice ripping the silence, making all heads turn upwards. Grinding down the rail was (Y/n) on a skateboard that looked so familiar. Mituna always saw (Y/n) using it, but know he knew it was his old board. He noticed she was also listening to music with his old headphones. He felt a twinge in his chest but it was forgotten when he saw she was going to fall.

"Shit!" Were what her famous last words would be.

Mituna took a step in her direction,  his helmet falling off.

"(Y/n)!" A thousand different images flashed in his eyes, all were of him and (Y/n). Mituna reached a hand out and a familiar tingling came and he grinned.

(Y/n)'s eyes were closed. She was convinced she was dead now. She didn't feel the impact, which she was thankful for.

"Babe, you can open your eyes anytime" Mituna's voice cut through the tense, to her, silence. Slowly her eyes opened and she felt a tingle around her body. She looked and saw a red-blue aura around her. She shook her head, that couldn't be right.

She looked up at Mituna, her mouth popping open. Mituna stood with his old cheeky smirk on his face, his psionics glowing as he held her up.

"You can fall from the sky, you can fall from a tree but the best way to fall is in flush with me" his tone of voice was different, but (Y/n) knew it well.

"M-Mituna?" She eyes were wide, filled with disbelief. He grinned wider exposing his fangs to her, but his eyes were loving.

"Don't worry, I won't let you fall babe." Those words caused a dam to break, tears flooded her vision and cascaded down her cheeks. He laughed lightly, using his psionics to bring her close to him. One arm wrapped around her waist, and with his free hand he tilted her head down to press a kiss onto her forehead.

"Sorry to make you hurt, babe" His voice was a soft whisper, spoken gently against her forehead.

(Y/n) sniffled softly, then looked up into his bi-colored eyes. "What about 'Tula?"

At that Mituna sighed. He steeled himself to face her, only to look over and see she was gone. (D/n) stood in her place, holding a camera.

"Latula left, she said she wishes you two a "rad relationship". I have taken the liberty of updating your Trollbook statuses and have posted photos online. Have a nice day" (D/n) bowed then turned away.

"Bye, little me" (Y/n) spoke softly, watching the retreating figure of her descendant. Mituna regained her attention with a soft whisper.

"Thanks for not losing my headphones. Or me"
I read Good Times by ~radioactiveWaves and just thought it shouldn't have ended there so I made another chapter. I have her permission to post this.

Part One - [link]

Beforus!Mituna design - [link]

Visual of Mituna going at Kankri. Third panel down - [link]

Credit for plot base - ~radioactiveWaves

Story and idea - ~AnnaTrancy

You - :iconmitunalolplz:

Your spunky descendant - :iconohmeplz:
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This is very Kawaii. ^w^
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This is so sweet, even without being able to read part one!!!!! 

AnnaTrancy Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2014
I didn't notice she took her's down! That's very upsetting, but this was just a fanmade good ending to her rather sad fanfiction. I suppose it can work as a stand alone fic now VuV
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IS831fan9 Featured By Owner May 4, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
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